Solution Selling & Order Fulfilment.

Transform your solution selling (CPQ) and order fulfilment with tooling purpose built for solutions like SDWAN & SASE. 

Boost lead-to-cash performance by giving professionals the tools which do the job!

Purpose-built for telcos, techos & managed service providers.

Cost effective software designed to help you streamline sales processes, launch products faster and provide a 360° view of all your order fulfilment, with in-built deal scoring and sophisticated reporting tools.

Twyn embraces specific challenges within the domain like service aggregation and last-mile coverage.

What problems can twyn help you solve?

CPQ & Solution Selling

Powerful tooling for telecoms and ICT providers which is purpose-built to simplify and accelerate every stage of the concept-to-cash lifecycle.

Make things fast & seamless with a fully integrated CPQ + coverage + complex product catalogue + domain insight + document generation bundle called Groove.

Tools focus on what your sales professionals and solution architects need to be effective.

Speed. Simplicity. Value.

Supercharge your sales teams performance!

Launch fast
Product Catalogue
Get to market with products your team needs with advanced product catalogue. Go to market 92% faster.
Simple, quick quoting
Configure, price, Quote
Respond quickly to simple requests with accurate quotes. Sales productivity up to 148%.
Complex service design
Configure, price, Quote
Handle complex networking solution designs, like SDWAN / MPLS and complex rules.
Find connectivity
Connectivity Finder
Comprehensive coverage checking of last-mile options. Bulk check 1000 sites in < 5min.
Best proposal content
Document Maker
Professional proposals with domain insight.
Powerful CRM (optional)
Customer Relationship Mgmt
Clean records, collaboration, tracking and realtime reporting. Cut lead-to-order time by 75%.
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Unpack the benefits of one of the most innovative Solution Selling and CPQ software capability

Order Fulfilment

Order management made simple, fast and transparent. 

Empower your project managers and technical teams with powerful tools, while automating away manual repetitive work.

Built to handle simple high-volume products and complex solutions, you can use the best features from project management and workflow at the same time!

Streamline & accelerate service delivery.

Fast, accurate & visible
Order Management
Capture, manage and fulfil any order with a seamless flow from quotation to activation.
Automate & scale
Project Management
Tools to plan, communicate, track and measure projects.

Service Operations

Help-desk and service-management teams handling the service aggregation complexities of last-mile access, WAN networking, firewalls, LANs, and other ICT services need the right tools! We have focused on a few areas where we can make an impact.

Our help-desk capability, does what is to-be expected (incident, problem, change), but is designed using data driven workflows, which reduces workload, differentially empowers teams and simplifies resolution practices.

Significantly automate service-management analysis and reporting, tracking service complance with contracted SLAs through the month.

Understand your customer and automate manual repetitive actions in assurance.

Understand your customer
Service Inventory

Easily consolidate a view of important service information. Display to your teams what they need to see at any point in time, whether in sales, delivery or operations.

Simple, fresh & service aware
Help Desk

Empower support desk teams with the information and functionality to efficiently manage every customer interaction.

Automate reporting & work
SLA Automation

During the month service managers can easily investigate notable service outages. Comprehensive customer SLA reports can be automatically generated.

Customers are everything!

We build relationships, deliver value and drive real results.

Integrate easily.

Twyn is great with data making change graceful.

Transformation in an operating business is hard, with legacy systems, processes, messy data and in-life services. 

Connect the systems you have, and use today,

Keep using what you like, 

Replace or augment. Twyn delivers best practices in a number of domains.

Looking for a telecom order management solution at 1/3 of the cost?

Go live in weeks, cut-over fast!