Automate Service Management

Automate KPI reporting.
Be responsive & proactive.

Automate service management work done by service managers in telecoms.

Collect and analyse performance and availability information about services, evaluates that performance against contracted SLAs and prepared insightful reporting for customers. 

When service problems are identified, service improvement plans structured into workflows are kicked off and managed.

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See everything

Empower your support teams with a complete view of “interesting” insights for each customer.

Evaluate & Act

Where problems are identified, service improvement plans structured into workflows are kicked off and managed.

Automate SLA mgmt

Analyse performance against contractual SLAs in dashboards and automate reporting. Take proactive steps.

Deliver better experiences while improving profitability and operational efficiency​ for your telecom operations. Harness the whole ecosystem to serve the customer.

Right tool for the job

How does automated Service Management work?

Efficiently operating services with contractual performance SLAs built using brokered services is most often complex and time consuming due to differences in processes, systems and data.

Automation starts with a solid understanding of the customers service and its operating components. Twyns service inventory capability or similar is a necessary foundational capability.

Automate service management reporting

Data from performance monitoring tools must be processed to extract interesting events. Interesting events may be outages, alarms, latency, jitter, just about anything important to your customer service.

In some cases, these events may be reason enough to invoke an Incident Management process, run within an ITSM / operational help desk platform, like our Help Desk.

Service Level Management is the practice of smartly reconciling the customer contracted service level KPIs with measured service performance statistics and service support insights.

Identified performance problems will often result in “service improvement plans” (SIPs) which must be run and reported on. 

Normally service analysts will have to perform this manual repetitive work on monthly basis for all their significant customers. 

Our  capability automates data collection and aggregation. Patten matching filters and machine-learning are applied to identify patterns and streamline work for presentation in dashboards. Automatically generate reports for your customer. 

Spending hours every month in Excel?

Are you able to consistently report on the performance of all services against SLA?  Tracking and reporting on the progress of service improvement plans? Do you know when a customer SLA is breached, or only at the end of the month when you can create a report?

Do you have to wait until month end to download raw data from systems to manipulate into a customer reports?

Reduce manual repetitive work

Tools to automate SLA reporting

Automatically ingest service incidents from monitoring platforms and service requests from help desk or ITSM.

Twyn will correlate and filter into view which allow service managers to understand service outages.

Monitor service performance levels using dashboards to identify areas for improvement and detect service bottlenecks, before they occur.

Automate Service Management

Recon Inventory to Billing

Are you billing for all the products in service? 

Are you still paying suppliers for services which customers have cancelled? Make sure you are only paying for services you are using from suppliers.

Powerful techniques to reconcile services both ways.  Get billing right. Only pay for what you are using from suppliers.

Integrate easily

Easily setup a single source of truth!

Twyn is great with data, easily integrating to sources of customer, resource and network inventory data.

Also keep a good grip on the equipment and 3rd party services used to build a core network or platform.

Understand your customer and automate manual repetitive actions in assurance.

SLA breach tracking

Continually monitor service performance against SLA commitment. Understand where to focus your effort.

Automated reporting

During the month service managers can easily investigate notable service outages. Comprehensive customer SLA reports can be automatically generated.

Service improvement plans

Originate and track service improvement plans. Use of workflow processes results in streamlined execution. 

Problem diagnosis

Machine Learning (ML) and data models are trained or configured to identify problems which can trigger workflows to take action.

Drive zero-touch

Remedial workflows can configured to automate a large proportion of assurance activities. Experience a significant increase in speed and accuracy.


Get automatic alerts about anomalies in KPI trends and disruptive patterns that can impact service levels.

Is every service improvement hard?

Starting a project every-time you need to improve a customers service is clumsy. Leverage purpose built workflows to start, track and manage service improvement plans.

Zero touch operations

Machine learning models can diagnose root cause of service outages or degradation. Automatically trigger specific remediation workflows. Drive costs out your business.