Document Automation Software

Professional proposals for complex solutions

Create professional documents. Generate everything from comprehensive multi-site network proposals to simple documents like quotes, BOM.

SDWAN | Fibre | Wireless | Cloud | LAN | UC | Security

Automatically generate professional documention.

Listen to your customer

Needs aligned content

During guided sales journeys, the sales professional identifies the customer pain-points and needs.

A solutions design pattern is selected, which is engineered to address specific customer problems and preferences.

Content aligned with customer needs & the selected design pattern is dynamically incorporated into each proposal.

Create proposals which demonstrate how your solution addresses the customers pain points.

Document generated by CPQ

Something worth reading

Well crafted content

Automatically generate high quality proposals which includes technical insight and analytics.

Incorporate dynamic content from the design and your products.


Engaging experience!

Innovative mobile and micro-portal experiences increase engagement and collaboration with customers.

Rapidly engage customers after sales engagements with conceptual proposals to their phones.


Beautiful layouts

Create professional and customised documents in just a few seconds. Express your identity and meet your corporate standards.

Document layouts which align with your brand identity and meet your corporate standards.


Dynamic content

Automatically embed dynamic data from your systems into documents.

Easily create any document your business needs, whether that be a quote, proposal, BOM, PO, contract, procedure, ect.

Save time

Automated diagrams

A range of automated diagrams and views are created for inclusion in documentation.