Connectivity Finder

Connectivity finder identifies the most viable last-mile coverage options at customer locations.

Specifically built to aggregating network coverage data, insights, with intuitive interface and high-performance APIs.

Instantaneously find out which technology services are available at a location, or thousands of locations.

Connectivity finder. Last-mile coverage.

Connectivity Finder Software

SDWAN | Fibre | Wireless | Cloud | LAN | UC | Security
Find coverage
Find the best last-mile coverage options. Check 1000 SDWAN sites in < 5min
Distances to ducts
Find the provider, network status, technology type and distance to connectivity.
Numerous techniques to maintain data sets, manual and through API. We update data to be reliable, and comprehensive as possible.

How does it work?

Third party suppliers of last-mile access services are engaged to obtain coverage datasets, which are ingested into a telecoms network data aggregation system. 

Our team specialises in collecting and analysing data from various Network Infrastructure Providers (NIPs).

Direct integration to suppliers with well formed coverage checking APIs are ideal.  

Fastest connectivity finder in the market!

Bulk feasibility

Input location data in an excel document. Feasibility across all known suppliers is complete in minutes for review.

Use as an API

Connectivity finder API is available as a stand-alone service.

ETL maintainance

Direct integration to suppliers with well formed coverage checking APIs are ideal.

Standardised data

Ensure data is structured and standardised for easy querying and analysis.

Over 40 providers, including the largest SA FNOs.