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Order Management for Telecoms

Order management simple and fast. Track and activate every order from quotation-to-cash.

Empower your project managers and technical teams with powerful tools. Automates away manual repetitive work.

Flow in order management system
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Shorten time to revenue

Implement zero-touch automation to replace costly, manual interventions and reduce order fallout.

360 Degree Visibility

End-to-end tracking of orders from receipt to fulfilment with real-time progress notifications.

Time to market

Significantly reduce time-to-market for new products and services. Get good at working with suppliers!

What is order management?

An Order Management System (OMS) marshals the entire post-sales and service delivery process – collecting data from order creation through to delivery and billing.

Good systems provide a comprehensive 360° view at all times, whether tasks are being routed between team members or 3rd parties. Integration to external systems and data sources is critical, enabling the automation of manual activities.

How do you approach transforming service delivery?

Transforming a larger established telecom and ISP environments is hard.

But simplifying and automating service delivery is critical to remain competitive.

Fully featured Order Management System

Solve your biggest order-management challenges

A capable commercial and technical order orchestration product, driving orders though validation, decomposition, dynamic workflow management and fulfilment orchestration.

Built in analytical tools gives you instant insight into performance and processes, helping you identify and eliminate bottlenecks and points of failure, minimizing cost and maximizing customer satisfaction.

It is data-driven, dramatically reducing complexity, cost and time-to-revenue for new and legacy services.

The result is transparency, agility and empowerment. Putting you back in control.

OM Order Management
Using CPQ
Visibility and Collaboration

User experience is everything!

Twyn is really easy-to-use and understand. 

Get end-to-end visibility into the experience you deliver to customers. See the current order status, where the order is in the flow, and understanding what actions have already been taken on an order. 

Communicate with customers every step of the way using the channels they prefer. Transparency and responsiveness are the best ways to build trust.

Project Management and Workflow

Use what works best!

Not all products are equal. Some orders are complex, like a B2B order for an SDWAN service to multiple sites, while others are simpler, like broadband wireless Internet to a home. Now you can use the best features from project management and workflow at the same time!

Telco B2B order to cash process.

Powerful project management

Twyn caters to the unique needs of project managers delivering network and ICT solutions to business customers. Equipped with essential tools such as Gantt charts, risk assessment, and stakeholder management, PMs can keep projects on track driving up customer experience.

Workflows with automation 

Twyn offer robust data-driven workflow capabilities, allowing for both automated and manual tasks. Assign tasks to groups or individuals, gain in-depth insights into your team’s workload, and ensure that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met at every stage of your operations.

Some features which makes our order management special.

Easy to configure

Graphical user interface is used to drag, drop and configure new flows and automations in minutes. Easily reuse what you configure across different services.

Order orchestration

Controls interactions with third-party fulfilment systems such as logistics, workforce, inventory and billing. Dynamically generate, sequence and monitor tasks in the orchestration plan.

Inflight changes

Elegantly handle inflight cancellations and changes. Neatly separate changes impacting commercials from technical changes.

Long running

Support for both asynchronous and synchronous interactions for long-running orders.

Manual tasks

Support manual tasks within workflows where human interaction are required. Task groups or individuals.

Communicate & notify

Keep customers informed about service order issues and order progress with branded notifications.

Simplify training

Build the methods-and-procedures into the tooling. Annotate anywhere directly in the flows. Include content, diagrams and links to external resources.

End-to-end visibility

Understand the status of projects, orders, tasks and activities.  Measure performance against SLAs every step of the way. Understand and manage the workload on your teams.

Data driven workflow

Simplify user experience, ensuring that delivery tracking consistently mirrors real-time progress, while ready-sequencing enhances parallel task execution whenever feasible.

Process library

Process library with out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices, including access, network, voip, cloud, mobile and SME.

Graceful migration

Connect easily to popular CSP / Telco systems and APIs. Embrace your Excel, favourite SaaS and custom databases.

Embrace legacy

Support all services, not just the new ones. Easily ingest data from new and legacy systems, networks, platforms.

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