Platform Features

Welcome to, the innovative and powerful CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and Order Management system.

Our platform is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of telecom, ICT, and CSP customers, providing a seamless and efficient solution to streamline your sales processes.

With, you can effortlessly configure products and services, accurately price complex offerings, and manage orders with ease, all in one centralized location.

Dive into the world of and discover how our platform can revolutionize the way you do business.

Telecom CPQ

CPQ & Order Management Software

SDWAN | Fibre | Wireless | Cloud | LAN | UC | Security

Data driven architecture. Simple experiences. Easy to configure.

Your data.
Organised. Cleaner.
Usable anywhere in your business.

Some notable features:

Inventory views

Detailed awareness of your customer services is more important than ever and involves disparate systems, multiple data formats, and changing data sources.

Simple with context

Telecoms services can be complex. Simple views with context empower your team, partner and customers. They just make sense.


Ensure that everyone has access to and can act on most complete information about your customers services.

Not state driven

Data driven workflows are simple, fast and always align with reality. Gone are the days where the “process” coded in the system inhibits your performance.

Integrate fast

Connect to systems rapidly, maintain data consistency, and deliver a multi – dimensional view into every service.

Collaborate easily

Dramatically improve speed, transparency, data-quality and accountability with digital workspaces.

Missing relationships

Flexible attach and smartly associate documents. We will take care of managing and sharing it contextually.

Document Management

Telecoms services can be complex. Simple views with context empower your team, partner and customers. They just make sense.


Create and deliver workflows and automations.

Easy to understand

As simple as completing information in a form. Handle approvals, documents, notifications, communication and more. 

Guidance always at hand

Clear milestones, explanations of tasks, information icon (text and diagrams) 

See all your work

Tasks are allocated to groups or individuals.  Easy to prioritise, whether by customer, age or other.  

Automate repetitive work

Many ways to completely automate activities which are common in telco envirnments. 

Simple, clean views configured to match your business.