How do you change an order management system?

Order management is a core function essential in  telecoms & ICT providers. It is critical not only to revenue flow but also customer satisfaction.

See how you can reduce the time for a system replacement from years to months.

Order Management conceptual image

1. Connect to order data

Identify data sources with order information.

Simply configure our platform to subscribe to ordered items and any other data of interest and monitor for any changes.

Even those orders lurking in spreadsheets in a shared drive!

2. Design workflow. Go live!

Use simple visual tools to configure workflow using activities, milestones, logic and actions.

Digital workflows across departments and systems.

Do it your way, whether that’s course tracking of manual work or fine-grained and fully automated.

3. Plan and Track

When an order comes in, the workflow you specified will start.

Projects with plans, summaries, milestone management and activity tracking are automatically created.

You validate the plan and refine delivery choices with your customer.

Our data driven workflow engine continually evaluates state, adapts and updates.

4. Collaborate with specifics

Collaborate with your customer and partners in a digital project workspace.

Dramatically improves speed, transparency, data-quality and accountability.

It takes seconds to share or update project information which is often on the critical path.

Watch as need for meetings and workshops evaporates!

5. Reports and Analytics

Get key insights onto projects and workflow processes with custom dashboards and reports giving you just the data you need.

User and roles defined dashboards and views.

Combine tables, trees and graphs within the screen layout option you prefer.