Transform your Sales.

A comprehensive solution for enterprise telcos, techcos, CSPs and MSPs. 

Purpose built tools with everything you need to optimise and future-proof your sales engine. 

CPQ & Order Management Software

SDWAN | Fibre | Wireless | Cloud | LAN | UC | Security
Launch fast.
Get to market 3x faster. Easily handle multiple suppliers.
Quote quickly.
Respond quickly with quality designs & accurate quotes.
Powerful CRM.
Clean records, collaboration, tracking & realtime reporting.
Best proposal.
Professional proposals with domain insight.


Product catalogue

Configuration driven. Agile.

Launch fast.

Advanced product catalogue

Launch and innovate faster with a centralised, flexible Product Catalog that can handle all your products, services, pricing and business rules.

Launch new products at unprecedented speed with the twyn product catalog, which fully integrates with the commercial order management and CPQ capability, enabling you to manage all your products, services, pricing and business rules from a single platform.

Configure all your product data through our simple user interface and make products available to sales in just a few clicks.

CPQ Service coverage
  • Including: all contacts, price-books, pop-locations, pricing requests, orders, in-life services and more.
  • Remain aligned across your organisation.
  • Streamline working with many suppliers.
  • Send automated requests, enable systemic responses.
  • Use APIs is available.
  • Portals to simplify bulk requests onto suppliers.
  • Compare offers, find the most profitable one.
  • Score using price, delivery and operational performance.
  • Measure performance of all interactions with your suppliers.
  • No longer pay for in-active services.
  • Terminate supplier contracts on time by setting alerts and receiving notifications, avoiding unnecessary cost.
Simplify service aggregation

Manage your last-mile access suppliers

Twyn CPQ empowers you to take control of your product catalogue and supplier management, streamlining your operations and improving your bottom line.

Consolidate information from off-net suppliers and automate supplier quote requests and bid processes. You can rank suppliers and manage SLAs efficiently, preventing waste and optimising your supplier relationships. 

Go to market more than 3x faster!

Built for complex telco

Product catalogue is designed around the characteristics of telecom and ICT products.  Manage complex product offerings.

Service aggrigation

Embracing 3rd party partners and suppliers is critical in future market places. Manage your suppliers, coverage, commercials and back-office quote requests.

Create price books & bundles

Flexible pricing and promotions. Bundle anything. Generate price books for your channel.

Ready to go!

Accelerate time to market for new products and services by removing barriers. Comes ready-to-go with the most competitive technologies. 

Easy to maintain pricing

Upload the latest pricing from Excel or maintain automatically using APIs.

Automate supplier requests

Send automated requests, enable systemic responses. Use APIs is available.
Portals to simplify bulk requests onto suppliers.


Configure, Price & Quote

Respond quickly with quality

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Sell faster with a CPQ built for B2B telecoms.

Powerful tooling for telecoms and ICT providers which is purpose-built to simplify and accelerate every stage of the concept-to-cash lifecycle.

Engage customers immediately with fast, accurate quotes & proposals using our innovative CPQ, which focuses on what your sales professionals and solution architects need to be effective.

Speed. Simplicity. Value.

Some features which make our CPQ special.

Focus on needs!

True customer centric selling. Understand a customers pain points, solutions preferences and build quotes aligned with their needs.

Guided selling

Solution architect insight is build into guided journeys. Measure performance and optimise.

80/20 rule

80% of the networks solutions can be designed by following our guided journey. Your solution architects can focus on winning the bespoke / complex 20%.

Quick quoting

Not every quote is complex. Our simple “flash” journeys enable quick quoting, making it easy to sell high volume simple products.

Coverage check

Check the last-mile access options for every customer site against all your on-net networks and off-net partners.

Innovative interface

Neat ways to make the process of quoting effective. From source the data you need (like customer locations) to interacting with your customer.

Supplier quotes

Service aggregators often require quotations from suppliers. We have simplified and automated this significantly. 

Deal profitability

Control discounting, mark-ups and deal profitability. Understand the ROI of complex deals. See of profitability changes based on supplier quotes / discounts.

Proposals in minutes

Automatically generate professional proposals based on your collateral, leveraging you look-and-feel.



Customer Relationship Management

Clean, collaborative, managed

Consistent account management

Powerful CRM helps effectively manage leads, prospects and customers. Consolidated views by segment, channel or whatever grouping makes sense.

Opportunity management

Clear sales opportunity pipelines. Track your chances at all stages. Real-time data updates dashboards and analytics.

Flexible flows

Create, copy and modify processes to match your business needs. Make it simple for sales. Robust back office processes to control risk and comply with governance.


Use technology to transform collaboration between all stakeholders.  Rich interactions are at hand through sell, build and run customer experiences. 

Single clean view

Pragmatic account and contact management capability which makes customer data available across your business.

Simple flows, make work easy.

Telecoms services can be complex, your processes must not be! Simple views which make the next action clear empower your team, partner and customers.

Pipeline management is critical!

Managing sales teams engagement with customers is essential. Make it as simple as possible to do what is needed.


Best Proposal

Professional documentation


Create professional documents. Generate everything from comprehensive multi-site network proposals to simple documents like quotes, BOM.

Dynamic content

Automatically embed dynamic data from your systems into documents. Draw network diagrams. 

AI assisted

 Use AI to create draft content for bid responses.


Create professional and customised documents in just a few seconds. Express your identity and meet your corporate standards.


Improve speed and data quality through collaboration.  

Needs aligned

Content aligned with customer needs & your design. Create proposals which demonstrate how your solution addresses the customers pain points. 

Well crafted content

Automatically generate high quality proposals which includes technical insight and analytics. Incorporate dynamic content from the design and your products.

Beautiful layouts

Document layouts which align with your brand identity and meet your corporate standards.

Engaging experience

Innovative mobile and micro-portal experiences increase engagement and collaboration with customers.