Help Desk Software

Help desk for telecoms

Our help desk capability, does what is to-be expected (incident, problem, change), but is designed using data driven workflows, which reduces workload, differentially empowers teams and simplifies resolution practices.

SDWAN | Fibre | Wireless | Cloud | LAN | UC | Security

Operational support incorporating a large number of 3rd party services (service aggregation) can be made simpler, driving up customer experience.

Simple & Efficient

Flows customised for most common requests

If work doesn’t flow efficiently among departments, customers experience will suffer. Streamline operations across your front, middle, and back office using optimised workflows. Automate tasks and provide transparency to everyone involved.

Display to your staff what they need to see at any point in time. Everyone always has the latest data and are on the same page.

Installed base

Help desk software that'll win your customers over

Get the best tools for your customer service teams and make your customers happy.

Twyn’s help desk  is purpose built for telecoms, and is one of the best help desk solutions available on the market when handling service aggregation, thanks to the data driven approach.

Take advantage of our wide range of features, integrations, as well as excellent multi-channel support for smooth customer conversations.

Flexible & Intuitive

Change happens. Handle with care!

Enable all the practical changes to services / resources within your business. Empower your staff to take actions for your customer.

Keep a good grip on resources deployed during provisioning a service, like: 3rd party last-mile access links and customer premises network equipment.

Increase Profit

Recon Inventory to Billing

Are you billing for all the products in service? 

Are you still paying suppliers for services which customers have cancelled? Make sure you are only paying for services you are using from suppliers.

Powerful techniques to reconcile services both ways.  Get billing right. Only pay for what you are using from suppliers.

Integrate easily

Easily setup a single source of truth!

Twyn is great with data, easily integrating to sources of customer, resource and network inventory data.

Also keep a good grip on the equipment and 3rd party services used to build a core network or platform.