Design to proposal in minutes, not weeks!

Build winning proposals for your enterprise customers.

Sell solutions that meet your client’s needs, quickly and accurately.
Fast & Seamless

Fully integrated CPQ + coverage + complex product catalogue + domain insight + document generation.

with Groove feature bundle
Customer Centered

Listen to your customer needs, set design principles, check coverage, evaluate recommendations, consider up-sell & cross-sell, generate a proposal.

Ready to go!

Accelerate time to market for new products and services by removing barriers. Engineered to be used in parallel to existing IT systems.

Go live in weeks!

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Designed to maximise your growth

Unapologetic focus on empowering sales.

We built the right tooling so your sales professionals can get on with selling business solutions.
Sell what is hot!
Tooling to help sell what is in demand now. Why struggle every day with email, Excel and Google earth while you wait for IT systems to support the “new” product?
Back office optimisation
Groove vertically integrates functionality, combining capabilities from multiple functional areas within your business to optimize solution design and sales efficiency.
Empower channel partners
Very powerful tooling for service aggregators and resellers.

Built to respond to requests fast!

Create compelling proposals for multi-site customers quickly.

Handle the last-mile

Coverage check for connectivity and services across all your on-net and off-net providers at once.

Showcase all the connectivity options that are available for multi-site solutions with the latest GIS data from a variety of Service Providers.

Solution selling

Be confident in what you are proposing.

A guided journey will help you from setting the primary design objectives for your customer, right through to the published proposal.

Easily tune every part of the solution to meet the customer requirements while designing a performant, cost effective and credible network.


Easy to integrate and take to the market.

Engineered to be used parallel to existing IT systems, built to fill the gap. It is quick to deploy and allows for easy integration.
Accelerate time to market for new products and services by removing barriers.

You don’t need a massive budget or the lengthy IT development projects to get tooling which does what you expect and some things you might have dreamed of.

Use a system in the cloud, which is ready to go with the most competitive technologies, where all you need is a web-browser and internet.

Get things done!

Niche digital platform tailored to be effective.

Groove vertically integrates functionality, combining capabilities from multiple functional areas within your business to optimise solution design and sales efficiency.

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Some features which make our CPQ special.

Focus on needs!

True customer centric selling. Understand a customers pain points, solutions preferences and build quotes aligned with their needs.

Guided selling

Solution architect insight is build into guided journeys. Measure performance and optimise.

80/20 rule

80% of the networks solutions can be designed by following our guided journey. Your solution architects can focus on winning the bespoke / complex 20%.

Quick quoting

Not every quote is complex. Our simple “flash” journeys enable quick quoting, making it easy to sell high volume simple products.

Innovative interface

Neat ways to make the process of quoting effective. From source the data you need (like customer locations) to interacting with your customer.

Coverage check

Check the last-mile access options for every customer site against all your on-net networks and off-net partners.

Supplier quotes

Service aggregators often require quotations from suppliers. We have simplified and automated this significantly. 

Deal profitability

Control discounting, mark-ups and deal profitability. Understand the ROI of complex deals. See of profitability changes based on supplier quotes / discounts.

Proposals in minutes
Automatically generate professional proposals based on your collateral, leveraging you look-and-feel.
Easily integrate

Built in integrations to twyn Order Management for service fulfilment (TMF 641 OpenAPI). Easy integration through open APIs to OM systems.

Workflow approvals

Route quotes and proposals using opportunity workflows for technical and commercial approvals as may be required.