Run business telecoms professionally

See everything in your customers service estate.

Fresh support of your customers.

Automate SLA management.


See Everything

Empower your support teams with a complete view of each customer.



Simple, fresh, service aware with automated incident resolution flows.


Automate SLA mgmt

Analyse performance against SLAs in dashboards and automate reporting.
Automate service management reporting

Understand your customer and automate manual repetitive actions in assurance.


Service Estate: Inventory

See everything. Understand your customer. Data needed to act.

Understand your customer

Easily consolidate a view on important service information. Display to your staff what they need to see at any point in time.

Change happens. Handle properly.

Enable all the practical changes to services / resources within your business. Empower your staff to take actions for your customer.

Recon and reporting

Powerful techniques to reconcile services both ways.  Get billing right. Only pay for what you are using from suppliers.

Foundation for sales & support

Use existing installed base in preparation of new quotes and proposals to customers. Track service requests in a way which makes sense to customers.

Consolidated customer service inventory

With an eye on service: consolidate information about your customer; service and resource inventory.

CMDB & Inventory

Like a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for telco and ICT. Handle key data from customer, service and resource inventory.

Capture & join resource inventory data

Keep a good grip on resources deployed in provisioning a service, like: 3rd party last-mile access links. Customer premises network equipment.

Handle core inventory

Keep a good grip on the equipment and 3rd party services used to build a core network or platform.

Reconcile: accurate billing & expense

Are you billing for all the products in service? Make sure you are only paying for services you are using from suppliers.

Everybody always has the latest data

No more broken telephone. Reduce dirty data. Latest information is always available.



Empower teams. Automate resolution.

Incident, problem, change mgmt

Streamlined service request capability.

Right first time

Empower support desk teams with the information and functionality to help progress a customer interaction.

360 degree visibility

End-to-end tracking of orders from receipt to fulfilment with real-time progress notifications.


Implement zero-touch automation to replace costly, manual interventions.


Automate SLA Management

Create and deliver workflows and automations.

Automate SLA Analysis

Ingest service incidents from monitoring platforms and service requests from help desk or ITSM. Correlate and filter to understand service outages.

SLA breach tracking

Continually monitor service performance against SLA commitment. Understand where to focus your effort.

Automated reporting

During the month service managers can easily investigate notable service outages. Comprehensive customer SLA reports can be automatically generated.

Service improvement plans

Originate and track service improvement plans. Use of workflow processes results in streamlined execution.

Problem diagnosis

Machine Learning (ML) and data models are trained or configured to identify problems which can trigger workflows to take action.

Drive zero-touch

Remedial workflows can configured to automate a large proportion of assurance activities. Experience a significant increase in speed and accuracy.


Monitor service performance levels to identify areas for improvement and detect service bottlenecks, before they occur.


Get automatic alerts about anomalies in KPI trends and disruptive patterns that can impact service levels.

Spending hours every month in Excel?

Do you have to wait until month end to download raw data from systems to manipulate into a customer reports?

Is every service improvement hard?

Starting a project every-time you need to improve a customers service is clumsy. Leverage purpose built workflows to start, track and manage service improvement plans.

Zero touch operations

Machine learning models can diagnose root cause of service outages or degradation. Automatically trigger specific remediation workflows. Drive costs out your business.

Does your customer think you are on-top of things?

Are you able to consistently report on the performance of all services against SLA?  Tracking and reporting on the progress of service improvement plans? Do you know when a customer SLA is breached, or only at the end of the month when you run a report?