Integrated solution for telecom, CSP & MSP

Speed. Simplicity. Value.

Fabric is twyn’s comprehensive Solution Selling (CPQ) and Order Management, built to future-proof every stage of the concept-to-cash lifecycle.

Sell more, deliver faster, support professionally!

Faster sales cycle

Automate pre-sales activities, reduce the number of stakeholders and manual work. B2B more than 8x faster.

Improved order accuracy

Our advanced product catalogue used during solution selling ensures accurate data and instructions to delivery teams.

Time to market

Significantly reduce time-to-market for new products and services. Get good at working with suppliers!

Do more with a powerful, comprehensive Solution Selling (CPQ) and Order Management!

SDWAN | Fibre | Wireless | Cloud | LAN | UC | Security and more...

Telecoms and ICT businesses have a number of specific challenges missed by most generic software platforms. Our domain specialists have worked with customers to build the tools that professionals need to get the work done!

Without any customisation you can achieve immediate results thanks to predefined sales, quoting and delivery journeys that are built for products like SDWAN, SASE, etc. A single system that provides a consolidated end-to-end view of lead-to-cash, using automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Twyn supports every stage of your concept-to-cash lifecycle.

Let us unpack a few of the interesting capabilities...

Launch fast

Product Catalogue

Create and launch new commercial offerings faster with a flexible, centralised product catalog that can manage all your offerings, services, pricing and business rules from a single platform.

An advanced product catalogue embracing specific challenges within the domain like service aggregation and last-mile coverage.

Network diagram in CPQ

Simplfy selling, make it fast

CPQ & Solution Selling

Optimise your sales processes, configure product bundles of any complexity, calculate prices instantly and generate quotes in minutes with a single, integrated platform.

Innovative guided journeys simplify the complex solution design work at the heart of SDWAN and SASE solutions.

Built with an understanding of how important efficient brokering last-mile access is to sales performance.

Simple, fast & transparent

Order fulfilment

Orchestrates every step of your order fulfilment process, making delivery faster and more efficient, while eliminating errors and reducing costs.

Track and activate every order from quotation-to-cash.

Empower your project managers and technical teams with powerful tools. Automates away manual repetitive work.


Service Operations

Understand your customer and automate manual repetitive actions in assurance.Empower your support teams with a complete view of each customer.Help desk capability is simple, fresh and service aware with automated incident resolution flows.Analyse performance against SLAs in dashboards and automate SLA reporting.

Go to market in a third of the time, sell four times faster and accelerate delivery.

As the telecommunications industry landscape becomes more competitive, offerings change and become more complex with SDWAN and SASE. Customers demand faster and more accurate quotes, users need access to advanced tools to ensure success.

Twyn software capabilities allows businesses to design solutions and configure product bundles of any complexity, calculate prices instantly, and generate quotes in minutes.

By automating and optimising these processes, twyn can help your sales teams sell complex solutions faster and more accurately.